Stranded in the Amazon Jungle by Mojoyin

                                         Wednesday 2nd January1990 

Dear diary,  


It’s been an hour since the plane crashed in the Amazon and I am starting to get worried. I don’t think anybody knows about the plain crash but I am sure there are no more survivors. My head is welling and my lip has busted, my knees are grazed. I am starving; luckily I was in brownies so I know what I can and cant eat. I have seen all sorts of creatures like toucans and monkeys, they are so beautiful. I set out on a quest for food and I found some berries that should last me the night.

I lied down on a rock but it was obviously not very comfortable. I slept for an hour dreaming of where I should be right   now sitting down talking to my parents and drinking hot chocolate. There’s nothing that I need more than my mum, my dad and even my big brother. I felt a cold breeze on my neck almost as if someone was breathing on me, I woke up to find to children standing over me a boy and a girl who was slightly younger than the boy not saying a word like they didn’t know how to talk. “Hello,” said the boy in a concerned voice, he told me that his name was Toloo and his little sister was Gina. Apparently they were from the Yanomamo tribe and they lived in the Amazon they explained how the whole tribe gad seen the crash and tolled to check for any body who was still alive and that’s how the discovered me. They took me back to their tribe leader and he said I may live there with Toloo and Gina’s mum and dad.

I was so grateful that they were going to help me survive in this huge jungle.

I am so sure that someone is going to find me and the other passengers that were on the plane, but if not, I know I will be safe as I am now part of the Yanomamo tribe and in this tribe everybody sticks together no matter what.

Thank you for listening diary talk to you tomorrow on day 2 of being crashed into the jungle.

See you later! Bye!


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