The hard life in an African orphanage

Monday 4th August 1990

Dear Diary,

 Another day past at the orphanage and we did the same old boring routine. I’m getting sick and tired of doing the same thing every single day. I think they’ve been doing the same thing since 1947! (Obviously I wasn’t alive.)

As always we wake up at 7am (half of the time we are still tired). When everyone is awake and they have made their bed, we brush our teeth in the old, run down sink, which in my opinion is very unhygienic. By the time we’ve done this it is 7:30 so we get dressed, we only have 10 pair of clothes including our school uniform so we wash them quite often.

Eventually, we are all ready so we go to the dinning table for breakfast. We normally have porridge but today we had toast because the milk had gone bad because of the heat wave we are having at the moment. When we are done we go to school and its close by so it’s only like a 5-minute walk.

At nine o’clock every body is there and we do the register then we get on with the lessons. We did literacy and numeracy for the whole day but we also did my favorite thing… swimming. We only do swimming every three weeks so I was really looking forward to it.

After school we had a snack, which was a packet of biscuits that we got from a thirty-eight year old women who sponsors us and comes every two months. When we have finished our biscuits we do some studying for one-hour two hours if we have 11+ coming up and three hours if we have sats. By the time everyone is done it is 8:30 and its time to go to bed.

I wish I could write more but I’m really, really tired so I’ll talk to you tomorrow, bye!

By Mojoyin

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