The Cane day

At Eton public school there was a cane day. The new, terrible headmaster decided to cane all 100 children that went to the school.

This happened in 1809 around the time when Dr Keate (the headmaster) just joined the school. He did this horrible thing just because a few children didn’t come to a school meeting.

One of the boys called William reported,“It was horrible, we got whipped with birch twigs the blisters really hurt.” Another boy called Jake complained, “I wasn’t one of the kids who didn’t show up to the meeting so why did I get whipped?”

However, some of the kids got fed up and rebelled against the punishment by stamping their feet and shouting, they even threw eggs at the headmaster.

 Dr Keate could not get them to stop so he had to call other teachers to help him while he carried on with his punishments.

 Thanks to Dr Keate, the history of Eton cannot be told without reference to the Cane day!

By Mojoyin

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