Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens was a great experience of highlights that reined throughout the day.

Palm House:

This dense and humid greenhouse was filled with loads of exotic trees and plants; some of which are, the cacao tree, (which makes chocolate) and papaya trees, which produce yellow, mango looking fruits.

The cacao is a type of palm tree, which then is made into chocolate. Cacao plants can also be made into different moisturising.

Papayas are soft, sweet, yellow fruits, that can be make into medicines, to cure diseases. In the rainforest, animals like monkeys, can eat the seeds, but humans cant because they  are poisonous, and you would get a bad tummy ache.

Poo. It is a very useful thing in the rainforest. What happens is an animal comes along, (in this case, a monkey,) and eats the whole fruit. Later on, it swings along the branches of trees, and poos. Then the seed uses the poo as fertiliser, and starts to grow. It becomes nice and healthy.

Pretty Peacocks:

Some of us were able to spot some peacocks, going towards the badger sett. You had to keep an eye out because they were more commonly spotted by bushes. Despite seeing them, we got the chance to  see their feathers come out. The feathers were very colourful and pretty. As you would have gathered, it was a memorable trip.

By Keira Harvey

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