what I have enjoyed the most in yr 5? by Sharna.

In year 5 I have enjoyed learning how to play the keyboard with Mr Moore every Tuesday afternoon.  We learnt about our c and g cords and wrote our own songs to share with the whole group. 

I also enjoyed P.E  because we played a variety of games, such as tag rugby with Ryan from cp soccer, quick cricket with Mr Summerfield and we improved our tennis skills with Mr Reed. My favourite game that we played was probably improving my tennis skills.

In swimming I found it one of the most hardest lesson to learn because I am not the best swimmer and I am quite shy, but the best advice I can personally give to you is to try your best and to not be scared.

 A tip for yr 5:

My tip for yr 5 is to work hard in all subjects and remember that you are being prepared for yr 6.

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