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  1. Elina

    Neil Armstrong must have felt excited because it was the first time any human had been on the moon. He also must have felt nervous in case he got stuck on the moon. My grandparents were alive when the first man landed on the moon.

  2. Sam Doyle

    Neil Armstrong was probably feeling very happy because to land on the moon would be a once in a lifetime experience and still 54 years later not many people have been able to accomplish landing on the moon, only 12 men have been able to do it.

    When Neil stepped out of the space shuttle he must have been a bit worried because no-one has been on the moon before him so he didn’t know what to expect.
    In the video Neil was dancing around and singing songs so he felt excited about what he has done and because he has been on the moon for a while and explored it enough to know that there was nothing else on the moon so he felt quite comfortable.

    My Nan, Grandad and my Granny watched the first moon landing on the TV and they thought it was spectacular but my Granny was worried because she didn’t know what material the moon was made of so she thought he might fall through the moon.
    It was very late at night, actually early hours in the morning so they had to stay up late to watch it, then my Nan and Grandad went out to their garden to look at the moon and my Grandad said “I can’t believe there are people walking up there!”


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