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Kew Gardens

Keep your recounts of our trip to Kew Gardens coming.  I am delighted to hear you all had a fantastic day and learnt so much about the location and uses of the Rainforest trees around the world.

To find out more information about what Kew Gardens offers you can visit their Website:

Welcome all new Visitors!

Welcome to Year 2 and Year 4 who will be visiting our page this week to read and comment on our new blogs.  We have plenty of exciting posts and pages to check out.

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Writing Competition – 5G WINNER!

It was Christmas Eve and Harry was getting very excited. He had hung his stocking upon the wall, next to his bed and fell fast asleep in a deep dream. In his dream he had thought about all the exciting things that Santa would bring him. In the morning he woke up to find nothing but a shiny silver box. In the middle of this box a shiny star in the middle settled on the top of the lid. Harry them thought to himself and decided to open this rather peculiar box at the end of the day. Usually Harry would get unwrapped presents and they weren’t boxes either. Harry got dressed and went downstairs to have his breakfast. When Harry was pouring his cereal into a bowl there were lots and lots of questions churning in his mind. So instead of pouring his cereal into his bowl he poured it onto the very clean floor which now wasn’t. You see Harry was a very silly boy and nobody believed him when he was trying to say something true. So at the end of the day it was time for Harry to open the rather peculiar box. It was time to see the truth of what Santa had really brought to Harry. Harry opened the box to find a sheet of paper at the bottom and it said ‘Imagination.’ He took it straight away to his dad and he replied,”Ah it’s your imagination.” It had been all of the exciting things that Harry had thought of during the whole day.


By Nick Christov 5G