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Writing Competition – 5R Winner!

What a fantastic magical Christmas story by Lily Swift!

He opened it to find a car. However this was no ordinary car. This car had small yet beautiful golden wheels smothered in the most amazing, multi-coloured glitter. Its body was a dark, yet amazing, black that had been all polished up until it glistened in the moonlight like a star winking at him. Eve though Harry was overwhelmed by this glorious sight, he felt something highly strange about it. He had so many questions agitating in his imaginative mind he completely forgot what the next day was. It was Christmas day tomorrow. How on earth could he have forgotten? Without thinking, he shoved it back in to the box, which was inside the stocking, and vaulted back into his warm, comfy bed.
After a few seconds, his mother quietly crept into his room and peered into the red and white stocking and frowned. She saw the box shimmering in the moonlight and wondered on how it got there. Perhaps Harry had decided to place it there before he went to bed the night before. She shrugged and crept away as silent as a mouse not to be seen nor heard.
When Harry awoke a few hours after his mother had paid him a visit, at 11pm, in the corner of his eye he could see his stocking beaming at him as though it was trying to reassure him of the box. But he just couldn’t get it out of his mind. Was it Santa’s magic making the box shimmer like that? Or was it an illusion?
Finally, when morning came, Harry awoke to find just a stocking. It wasn’t gleaming nor was there even a speck of light from the stocking. That could mean…no of course it wasn’t gone perhaps it just wasn’t shining like the sun as it did during the night. Slowly, he peered into the red and white stocking to find no box. The car wasn’t in there either. Some sort of evil magic was at work. Suddenly, he heard a cackle from outside and an ugly elf scrutinized into his window. Then something was standing in the doorway. Just as he was wondering what it was, he surveyed the green hat he could see popping out from behind the door. After a few seconds, a figure marched into sight. An elf. It was no evil one. For a matter of fact, it was your average fairy-tale elf. Lovely green exquisite outfit followed by a divine hat with a little, white bobble on the top which was as white as snow. Glancing back at the ugly, evil elf, which was dissecting into his window, he then contemplated the other. As quick as a bolt of lightening, the kind elf outstretched its arm to expose the box. The evil elf then became a volcano which was ready to erupt and Harry began to fear it might however the friendly elf gave him a look of reassurance. With the snowdrops in Harrys garden standing to attention a thick blanket of snow soon concealed them. Once this process was over and done with an immense sleigh pulled up. No…oh no…it musn’t be…of yes…Santa! Santa had come to see Harry and then do away with that ugly elf. His bright red sleigh glistened in the sunlight with burnished stars still shining on his sledge whilst, on the other side of his sledge, was the sun gleaming with brilliant, white clouds floating uncontrollably across the bright blue sky. Alongside it was a darker and duller sleigh. “This is my brother, Harry,” declared Santa “His name is Marcus. He’s important at the North Pole because he sorts all the letters and which children have been good and deserves a present. Also, he sorts any unfortunate elves that have been hypnotized and turned evil by our brother, Evil Santa.” His tone sounded as though he was heart-broken and depressed. The small elf that had been in Harry’s room was now standing next to Santa, honoured to be Santa’s elf. A small elf leapt out of Marcus’s sleigh. Unlike Santa’s elves’ Marcus’s had lovely cotton red suits with black boot’s that had been really well polished Their little hats were red with a snow white bobble. In its top pocket, it had a piece of paper sticking out which Harry thought could be a list of presents.
“Harry,” Santa murmured as he bent down, “its time you came somewhere. Somewhere where most children have never been. Change out of your pyjamas; you’re coming to the North Pole with us.”
“Really. I come with you to the North Pole, “ breathed Harry, sounding rather shocked.
“Of course, that box I gave you will attract lots of attention from Evil Santa’s minions so we must evacuate the house immediately. Go and awake your mother and father. They are also coming,” declared Santa.
“Okay” said Harry, sprinting away from Santa. As quick as a flash, Harry sped into his parents’ room and woke them up. “Mother, Father. Please wake up and follow me” Harry instructed. Immediately, they woke up with a start.
“Yes. Okay,” his mother said, in an Irish accent, “Come on Nico.” However he said nothing, he just crawled out of bed and followed his wife. At the front, Harry led his parents to his room, to meet Santa. Harry quickly ushered his two bewildered parents into the sleigh before getting in himself.
It was a long way to the North Pole and Harry enjoyed looking down at all of the countries below him even though they were just quick blurs. When they were finally there, his mother was relieved. She had had a frightened expression on her face all through the journey. She must’ve been afraid of heights. Santa made a quick hand gesture for them to follow him. Only after a few feet of walking, a tall building with candy canes hanging out of a gingerbread roof. The elaborate windows were not made of glass. Oh no they were not. They were made of some sort of white liquorice that had been polished up so well that you could barely make out that it was liquorice. A gingerbread house was next to them with icing around the borders of the windows and the doors. The smell of marzipan wafted through the breeze whilst elves were running around with cherries on their backs. The snow had looked as though it had only been snowing for only five minutes. “So welcome to the North Pole,” said Santa, looking pretty proud of himself. Santa told them to follow him, and so they did. He took them to a large, circular building with chocolate for a chimney with sugar puffing out of it. It was labelled Santa’s workshop. An elf slid through a pair of wooden doors and Santa took them through them. There was a giant machine in front of them. It seemed to have presents being shifted through it. It was wrapping them up in lovely wrapping paper, and then improving them by adding striking, red bows, covered with glitter. As Santa swiftly ambled past the large machine, the stunned family tagged along behind him. He directed them to a door which had an outsized sign saying Santa’s office. He unsealed the locked door reveal a room with a desk. However, this was no ordinary desk. Oh no. This desk had several letters on it. They all were labelled, ‘Dear Santa’. Another door was at the other end of the office and said Santa’s Bedroom. “Now so this is my office. Using my computer, I will track down where Evil Santa is and then shall pack up the sleigh and go. Oh and of course I’ve remembered you,” Santa told them giving them a passionate look, “To help me, I assumed med you might want to scan through some of the apps on these three IPads. As he handed them the IPads, at the same time he was pulling out a large Lenov computer.

So they all worked together to help Santa and help save Christmas. Side by side.