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Top Tips For Year 5!

My top tips are to always bring in your homework on the day it is due in. Also do not speak when the teacher is speaking.

I enjoyed swimming the most because I love to swim so much! We have fun lessons at the end of term at swimming.

By Olivia

year 5 by oliver miller

The two things I liked about in year 5 was ICT and PE! These two lessons were fab because I like sports and going on the computer!

A top tip for year 4 moving to year 5 is hand in homework on time so you don’t miss privilege playtime! Also, don’t forget your PE kit or you have to sit and watch! 🙁

Tips for year 5

This year I have enjoyed swimming as well as P.E because it is really fun and you do rounder’s and cricket.

When you’re in year 5 always hand in your homework on time too because you might go to Mr Alford to repeat/redo the homework.



top tips for year 5

Top tip: Do not talk and remember that teacher’s know all the tricks of getting out of lessons. They were in school too!

What I enjoyed: I enjoyed the weekly swimming lessons and learned a lot!

Year 4’s top tips for year 5

We enjoyed doing keyboard and recording Bobbing on the Bus and you should be able to hear  it on the blog. Also we enjoyed making some trailers for our own made up movie.

My top tip for the year fours going into year five is remember to keep your homework neat or you will be doing it again in your playtime. Also bring your homework book in on time or else you will have to tell Mr Alford why you didn’t bring it in three times.

By  Mojoyin & Charlie

Why you should enjoy year 5

When you join year five you will learn a variety of different things such as the many facts about the rainforests and deforestation.

My Top Tip – Make sure you hand in your homework or you might have to do it during break or you may get a strike. If you get three strikes you have to go to Mr Alford!

good luck in year five!


My top tip for year 5 by Aine


In year five, I enjoyed all the exciting lessons that the great teachers planned for us and the fun, educational trip(s) we went on.

My top tip for year five is to always do your neatest handwriting or you will have to start again and do your neatest in playtime. Also don’t forget to hand in your homework otherwise you will get a strike.

By Aine

My tips for year 4

During the school year I enjoyed Greek day and maths week. Also I enjoyed watching and reading Stormbreaker. You also get to go swimming once every week.

My top tip is always to read to an adult three times (or read to yourself) three times a week and always remember to bring your reading diary.

Remember to also bring your P.E kit!

what I have enjoyed the most in yr 5? by Sharna.

In year 5 I have enjoyed learning how to play the keyboard with Mr Moore every Tuesday afternoon.  We learnt about our c and g cords and wrote our own songs to share with the whole group. 

I also enjoyed P.E  because we played a variety of games, such as tag rugby with Ryan from cp soccer, quick cricket with Mr Summerfield and we improved our tennis skills with Mr Reed. My favourite game that we played was probably improving my tennis skills.

In swimming I found it one of the most hardest lesson to learn because I am not the best swimmer and I am quite shy, but the best advice I can personally give to you is to try your best and to not be scared.

 A tip for yr 5:

My tip for yr 5 is to work hard in all subjects and remember that you are being prepared for yr 6.

enjoy y5

In year 5 I have enjoyed doing our food landscapes because it helped us show our abilities in d.t

My tip for you all in Year 4 as you come up to Year 5 would be to remained focused and hard working – you’ll be surprised how much you can achieve – just like I did!



My time in Year 5

One of my tips for year 5 is that you should work hard, but enjoy yourself  as it is a extremely fun year!

During my time in year 5 I have enjoyed many subjects but, my favourite is D.T because it includes many interesting things like biscuit testing and mask making but my overall favourite lesson was when we made our foodscapes because it was a fun creative lesson.

By Jett


year 4

When you reach year 5 you will have the responsibility to shadow the year 6 play leaders and even become one when they are away on their trip for the week.

You will also write a letter to Mr Alford applying  for the position of House Captain, Prefect or Head boy/girl.

Good luck – you are sure to have a good time.

my favourite thing to do in year 5

During year 5 I have enjoyed learning about the rainforest because it was really fun writing non chronological reports in literacy and going to Kew gardens. In Kew gardens I saw 2 peacocks and I went inside the palm house which was very steamy and damp.

I also enjoyed making a solar system in science because I liked mixing all the different colours.

Top tip: Always bring your P.E kit on the right day or you will miss out on your lesson.

My tip for year 4

In year 5 you get challenged to the limit.  You have to be very well behaved otherwise there will be consequences.

Get your homework in on time and try to keep focused.

I loved doing the Vikings most this year.  I want you to be very well behaved in class and don’t talk to anyone unless you’re told to. Good luck!



My tip for year 4

In year 5 you will have much higher expectations than in year 4.

You have to read more and you need to do homework – especially the projects because all of this could make a difference to your level at the end of the year.

If you want to survive year 5 you have to make your 1st impression a good one.

One thing that I have enjoyed during the year is PE because you are more responsible and take part in a range of fun games.

entering year five

I am in year five, going up to year six and I just wanted to say keep your head high and focus.

My favourite part of year five was food scape making  it was so fun, you’ll find out what to do in year 5. In year five you need to be very creative and artistic.

by safia

Tips To success in Year 5!

In year 5 it has been really fun, but to help you out, here are some tips to help you in the coming year.

 Tip One: Make sure that your handwriting is neat, and you might receive a handwriting pen.

  • Tip Two: In year five, although school stationary is available, try and bring in your own stationary/pencil case.
  • Tip Three: Another vital tip is to make sure you do your homework on time and that it is stuck in neatly.
  • Tip Four: The last and final tip is just to have fun!

By Keira 5G

Entering Year Five

I am Nick and this is a post for the people going into year 5 next year.

The thing that you should aim for the most in year 5 is to focus to get outstanding attainment levels as the next year you will be doing SATs and you will only need to practice if you have good levels.

The thing that I most enjoy this year was Tuesday afternoons because you have I.C.T and then PE, what a combination!

Mary had a little lamb recorder notes

Here’s a brand new post about how to play “Mary had a little lamb”. You can play this on the recorder, clarinet and probably flute. Whenever a lowercase letter it means that it is a high note and # means sharp. OK, here are the notes…

B A G A    B B B   A A A    B d d

B A G A    B B B B   A A    B A G

A day in the life of Athena (A greek goddess)

Hello! My name is Athena. I was a Greek goddess, I was tall, strong, graceful, gray-eyed, and I loved owls. From the beginning, I was a pretty amazing goddess. In fact, even my birth was very unusual.

Zeus, the father of gods and goddesses, was also my father. My mother was a mortal woman named Metis. Older gods had warned my father that he would be in trouble if Metis gave birth to me. So he swallowed my mother whole. (Talk about cruel!)

When the time came for me to be born, I sprang full grown out of Zeus’s head. I was completely dressed in armor, as I always would be. I also carried a shield and a spear. As you might guess, I was a great warrior.

I was also a goddess of wisdom. I taught people about arts and crafts. Also I taught them how to think clearly and live well. Often I seen with an owl, so owls became a symbol of wisdom.

I didn’t get along with the sea god Poseidon. For one thing, we were often rivals over one thing or another. Just today the people of a new city were looking for a god to watch over and protect them. As you could guess, Poseidon and I both wanted the job.

To impress the city’s citizens we gave them gifts. Poseidon struck the ground with his three-pointed spear, and water poured out. The water turned into a river that flowed into the sea. Poseidon told the people to build ships to sail to the sea. He said that they could travel everywhere. They could become the most powerful people on earth.

The citizens were indeed impressed. But then I told them to taste the water. It tasted awful. It was saltwater, which is impossible to drink.

After that I gave the citizens my gift. When I hit the ground with my spear, a tree magically grew up within seconds. I explained that it was a special tree—an olive tree. Its wood was good both for building houses and for heating those houses in winter. Better still, the tree’s little green fruits, called “olives,” were delicious. And oil made out of the olives was useful for cooking.

The citizens liked my gift better than Poseidon’s. Not only did they choose me to watch over them but also they named the city after me. They called it Athens. Poseidon left in a huff, causing a serious flood on his way. But the Athenians weren’t bothered very much. With my help, their city grew to be strong and wealthy. Athens became one of the greatest cities of all time. I bet in the future it is going to be the capital and the largest city of Greece

By Mojoyin

Get ready for some rocking music!!! By Aine

Hello everyone, I am glad to say that I will be doing lots of posts about music as I myself have a particular interest in all things music. Over the next few days I will be posting some very interesting music pieces and I will show you all how to play whatever instrument you want, giving you a few handy tips along the way. Please leave a comment in the comment box, saying which instrument you would like to learn first. I look forward to hearing your replies. GET PLAYING!!!

Kew Gardens

Keep your recounts of our trip to Kew Gardens coming.  I am delighted to hear you all had a fantastic day and learnt so much about the location and uses of the Rainforest trees around the world.

To find out more information about what Kew Gardens offers you can visit their Website:

Kew gardens – Lenny

I really recommend kew gardens to anyone who likes nature. We saw a peacock spread its tail – it was really amazing.

I also really recommend the palm green house workshop – it was really good and I found out lots of new facts, including information about how plants are used to humid conditions and which plants are used for foods and medicines.

My day at Kew gardens

On Wednesday 22nd I visited Kew gardens on a school trip. Kew gardens was a really fun trip. My favourite place I went to was the log trail because we saw all the different types of logs and we went on something like a obstacle course around the different logs. I also enjoyed seeing the peacock in real life. The peacock looked so more beautiful in real life. It looked like the peacock had mini eyes on its feathers. The palm house was also interesting. I learnt the tees in the rainforest have drip nets which can catch all the water.

by Maryam

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens was a great experience of highlights that reined throughout the day.

Palm House:

This dense and humid greenhouse was filled with loads of exotic trees and plants; some of which are, the cacao tree, (which makes chocolate) and papaya trees, which produce yellow, mango looking fruits.

The cacao is a type of palm tree, which then is made into chocolate. Cacao plants can also be made into different moisturising.

Papayas are soft, sweet, yellow fruits, that can be make into medicines, to cure diseases. In the rainforest, animals like monkeys, can eat the seeds, but humans cant because they  are poisonous, and you would get a bad tummy ache.

Poo. It is a very useful thing in the rainforest. What happens is an animal comes along, (in this case, a monkey,) and eats the whole fruit. Later on, it swings along the branches of trees, and poos. Then the seed uses the poo as fertiliser, and starts to grow. It becomes nice and healthy.

Pretty Peacocks:

Some of us were able to spot some peacocks, going towards the badger sett. You had to keep an eye out because they were more commonly spotted by bushes. Despite seeing them, we got the chance to  see their feathers come out. The feathers were very colourful and pretty. As you would have gathered, it was a memorable trip.

By Keira Harvey

Kew Garden Review

On Wednesday 22nd April 2015 5G and 5R went to Kew Garden. My favourite things at Kew Garden were that I saw beautiful Peacocks and I also experienced the tee top walk in a rainforest. I also liked the Palm House because it was nice and warm and I also liked the fish too.

From Aliesha.

The Cane day

At Eton public school there was a cane day. The new, terrible headmaster decided to cane all 100 children that went to the school.

This happened in 1809 around the time when Dr Keate (the headmaster) just joined the school. He did this horrible thing just because a few children didn’t come to a school meeting.

One of the boys called William reported,“It was horrible, we got whipped with birch twigs the blisters really hurt.” Another boy called Jake complained, “I wasn’t one of the kids who didn’t show up to the meeting so why did I get whipped?”

However, some of the kids got fed up and rebelled against the punishment by stamping their feet and shouting, they even threw eggs at the headmaster.

 Dr Keate could not get them to stop so he had to call other teachers to help him while he carried on with his punishments.

 Thanks to Dr Keate, the history of Eton cannot be told without reference to the Cane day!

By Mojoyin

The hard life in an African orphanage

Monday 4th August 1990

Dear Diary,

 Another day past at the orphanage and we did the same old boring routine. I’m getting sick and tired of doing the same thing every single day. I think they’ve been doing the same thing since 1947! (Obviously I wasn’t alive.)

As always we wake up at 7am (half of the time we are still tired). When everyone is awake and they have made their bed, we brush our teeth in the old, run down sink, which in my opinion is very unhygienic. By the time we’ve done this it is 7:30 so we get dressed, we only have 10 pair of clothes including our school uniform so we wash them quite often.

Eventually, we are all ready so we go to the dinning table for breakfast. We normally have porridge but today we had toast because the milk had gone bad because of the heat wave we are having at the moment. When we are done we go to school and its close by so it’s only like a 5-minute walk.

At nine o’clock every body is there and we do the register then we get on with the lessons. We did literacy and numeracy for the whole day but we also did my favorite thing… swimming. We only do swimming every three weeks so I was really looking forward to it.

After school we had a snack, which was a packet of biscuits that we got from a thirty-eight year old women who sponsors us and comes every two months. When we have finished our biscuits we do some studying for one-hour two hours if we have 11+ coming up and three hours if we have sats. By the time everyone is done it is 8:30 and its time to go to bed.

I wish I could write more but I’m really, really tired so I’ll talk to you tomorrow, bye!

By Mojoyin

Welcome all new Visitors!

Welcome to Year 2 and Year 4 who will be visiting our page this week to read and comment on our new blogs.  We have plenty of exciting posts and pages to check out.

If you are interested in Literacy then take a look at our short stories page and new this week – folktales written by 5G and 5R in the Literacy section.

If Sport is more your thing then visit Mr Reed’s Sports forum to read or comment on recent footy matches from the weekend.

Alternatively take a look at Mrs Glover’s Baking page to read and add your own cooking tips and photos.


David Attenborough

After completing his degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University Sir David’s first job was in the Navy for two years from 1947. When Sir David accepted the offer of his first job at the BBC in 1952 he like most Britons, didn’t own a television and had only ever watched one TV programme.

Sir David has said he doesn’t love animals but is fascinated by them. However, he admits the only creatures he hates are rats.Sir David Attenborough is believed to be one of the most travelled men in history. In order to film the Life of Birds series he had to travel over 256,000 miles. This is equivalent to going around the world 10 times!

Scare 4!!! Sorry for the wait.

One night when the moon was full Jeff heard sort of a groaning sound. Jeff had an idea what it could be but that couldn’t be possible or could it? Were there Zombies in his house at midnight?!

Jeff was used to this sort of thing but they were all nightmares. It was now that someone had pounced on him although he just managed to make out a wrinkled face which looked like one that a Zombie has! “Aaahhh!” Phew it was only a nightmare as Jeff thought it was.

The end.

Stranded in the Amazon Jungle by Mojoyin

                                         Wednesday 2nd January1990 

Dear diary,  


It’s been an hour since the plane crashed in the Amazon and I am starting to get worried. I don’t think anybody knows about the plain crash but I am sure there are no more survivors. My head is welling and my lip has busted, my knees are grazed. I am starving; luckily I was in brownies so I know what I can and cant eat. I have seen all sorts of creatures like toucans and monkeys, they are so beautiful. I set out on a quest for food and I found some berries that should last me the night.

I lied down on a rock but it was obviously not very comfortable. I slept for an hour dreaming of where I should be right   now sitting down talking to my parents and drinking hot chocolate. There’s nothing that I need more than my mum, my dad and even my big brother. I felt a cold breeze on my neck almost as if someone was breathing on me, I woke up to find to children standing over me a boy and a girl who was slightly younger than the boy not saying a word like they didn’t know how to talk. “Hello,” said the boy in a concerned voice, he told me that his name was Toloo and his little sister was Gina. Apparently they were from the Yanomamo tribe and they lived in the Amazon they explained how the whole tribe gad seen the crash and tolled to check for any body who was still alive and that’s how the discovered me. They took me back to their tribe leader and he said I may live there with Toloo and Gina’s mum and dad.

I was so grateful that they were going to help me survive in this huge jungle.

I am so sure that someone is going to find me and the other passengers that were on the plane, but if not, I know I will be safe as I am now part of the Yanomamo tribe and in this tribe everybody sticks together no matter what.

Thank you for listening diary talk to you tomorrow on day 2 of being crashed into the jungle.

See you later! Bye!


My day in Blackpool

Today Me and my family went to Blackpool as part of our UK tour. We took a walk on the beach, went to Madame Tussaud’s and went to an amazing amusment arcade.  On the beach it was really windy but we had fun because we wrote our names in the sand, looked in rock pools, walked into the water ( it was freezing!) and got water in our shoes!

Madame Tussaud’s was awesome, it had lots of life like wax famous people to take selfies with!  Such as, Cheryl Cole, David Attenborough, Len Goodman, The royal family, The Beatels, Darcey Bustle, and many, many more.  In the amusement arcade we spent all Mum’s money on games.  We also discovered that some machines eat all your money!

Tomorrow we are going to the Lake District to have even more fun!

my family

All of my life I have said, my family is the best present  ever, but you know I couldn’t ask for a  better. Family then them .


by Reneelouise

What should we see and do in Brazil?

1. Brazil is the largest country in South America so it is quite famous.

2. They have a very successful football/soccer team.

3. Brazil have a very big carnival every year, furthermore people go to the carnival from all around the world just to see the carnival.


Brazil forum by Lenny

Brazil landmarks:

  1. Corcovado is a 2,316-foot mountain.
  2. Chapada dos Guimares National Park  covers 81,545 acres within Brazil.
  3. Brazil is the largest country in South America. Famous for its annual Carnaval in Rio di Janeiro

Nell and Sharnas sleepover

Me and my best friend sharna had a sleepover at her house it was really fun. We didnt go to sleep and w watched tv all night long. Me and Sharna had pizza for dinner and then we had a whole bucket fll of lollies and another bucket full of moams it was lovely.

Brazil Forum by Nicole (5eg)

  1. Brazil is the largest country in South America, it has one of the largest economies in the world.
  2. Over 60% of the Amazon Rainforest is located in Brazil, Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world by both land, area and population.
  3. The capital city is Brasilia meanwhile the largest city is Sao Paulo, other major cities include Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Fortaleza.


The Amazon river and rainforest also the Iguacu falls are the most famous natural attraction in Brazil. Brazil has more than 2000 beaches, one of rio most famous beaches is Copacbana it is a year round tourist attraction famous for its new years eve party. An iconic statue of Cristo Redenter watches over Rio de Janeiro from atop of the 2316 ft high Corcovado mountain.

By Millie

Bobby and Jett’s Tropical Rainforest Adventure!!!

Since 2005 Rainforests around the world have been under threat due to deforestation. As a result, animals are dying, tribes are left homeless and much information about plant life is lost. Can we afford to ignore this any longer?

If deforestation continues animals will start to die and become extinct. Consequently, there are 30 million different species of animals in the rainforest, of that 80% are already extinct. If  deforestation continues many more animals my become extinct. Can we help these poor animals?

By destroying plants we are destroying medicine then we wont have anything to cure us. 80% of flowers are found in the rainforest cant be found anywhere else. If destroying plants continues then we will have nothing to cure us causing us to become very ill.

If deforestation continues we will have less oxygen to breathe in. The more trees cut down the more animals die and the less oxygen we have. Therefore  the carbon-dioxide levels increase. If deforestation continues then we will have less oxygen we have.

The rainforest provides us with medicines and everyday essentials like soap and perfume. They also produce 20% of oxygen we breathe. Furthermore  we can make a difference if we work togethetr

Please help save the rainforest by Rahne

Since 2005, rainforests of the world have been decreasing rapidly over the years. Nearly every second a football pitch of rainforest is cut down. This is to allow farmers to graze their cattle and grow their crops. We must stop this from happening.

Firstly, animals are losing their homes making them struggle for food, water, shelter and most importantly  survival. 50% of species in the world live in the rainforest and will be gone by 2030. As a result, the food chains will be affected and all the animals the rainforests will be gone for good. Also if you cut down all the rainforests, meat eaters will become hungry and they might consider eating people?


hello bloggers and people around the world i have a challenge for you! Using the topic given can you write a persuasive piece of writing explaining whether there should be sweet shops near schools or not.

Good Luck!!

Mojoyin’s 10th Birthday

Recently it was my birthday and I decided to have a sleepover with my best friends ( Natasha, Aine, Megan and Delphine). We had an amazing time just playing around, but i am sure every bodies favorite bit of the party was the snack table. There were gummy bears, white chocolate, milk chocolate, Dark chocolate,jelly beans, cola bottles and juice and lots, lots more.



We should protect the rainforest for a number of reasons. One is that it is a beautiful place filled with amazing creatures. Also some food we couldn’t live without like CHOCLATE!  Maybe even some things parents need like coffee to keep them awake. Some animals that live there are parrots, toucans, jaguars, frogs, pink dolphins, lizards, tiger, leopards sloths and that’s just some of the animals. Wood cutters down 1 billion trees a year!


Why should we go to Brazil ? by Ellian


If I went to Brazil I would visit the amazing football team and get them to give me their signatures. Also I would take a trip to an extrordanary Rainforest and look for exotic coulorful animals such as toucans ,  lizards , frogs and much more creatures . There are 2000 beaches in Brazil so thats more then Britain!

Black eye

One fine Friday I was in Friday club playing hockey , I was in goal and I went to go and swing at the put when suddenly another boy came and accidently wacked me in the face right by the eye everybody that was playing hockey at that time didn’t realize at first but a few seconds later the person that wacked me in the face turned round and saw a cut just centre metres away from my eyeball. He got one of the leaders and got him to get a first aid kit right away, after a few minutes my dad was there to pick me up ,an hour later I am sitting in hospital about to get my cut glued together.

written by Ross Baker

Come And Visit Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a free and relaxing country with lots of remarkable facilities. Bare in mind that there are luxurious resorts like Duni Royal Resort by the incredible shoreline. When you look at the crystal sea it makes you feel like that you are in paradise. Actually it is paradise. Come and see the most famous statue in Bulgaria called Shipka. It is as old as your great, great grandparents. The historical story of it is that the Bulgarian army were throwing rocks from the Mountain down to the Turkish soldiers who wanted to invade Bulgaria long ago. Now they have made a museum at the top with information about the 2 years how they used Shipka and when they used it. It has exactly 999 steps beneath it to climb if you are walking in the hot, blazing and scorching sun. But if you fell lazy lie back and go around it by driving on the perfectly new asphalt road. If you are Christian or even not there is a Church in Gabrovo which has Russian gold on the top of the roof. There’s even a newly made arena for sport lovers. There’s no time to be lost. Go to Bulgaria now.

By Nikola Christov 5G


  1. Rainforests are forests that experience a high level of rainfall. Scientists believe that there may be millions of plant and insect species in rainforests that have yet to be discovered.Over 25% of natural medicines have been discovered in rainforests.Rainforests used to cover 14% of the Earth’s surface but due to deforestation now only cover around 6%.A wide variety of animals live in rainforests, including birds, snakes, insects, jaguars, cougars, chameleons, turtles, frogs, and many more.There are two types of rainforest, temperate and tropical.Temperate rainforests lie in the temperate zones (between the tropics and the polar circles) of the globe. They are found in a few regions scattered around the world such as western North America, south-eastern Australia and New Zealand.Tropical rainforests lie in the tropics (around 28 degrees north or south of the equator). They are found in many areas near the equator such as Asia, Africa, Central America and the Pacific Islands.

SCARE!!! by Jake

One night an African boy named Jeff saw a tarantula on the wall but he thought it was a dream so he left it and even if he was going to capture it, he had already lost track of it! Soon Jeff started falling asleep however just then something started crawling up his leg and before he knew it, the tarantula was on his neck. Suddenly Jeff screamed his throat out of him and that seemed to scare the days out of the spider.

This time Jeff was ready. He had duck tape around his bed and he held his biggest, sharpest pencil. Although it was now he realised it was on the ceiling and it jumped down angrily. ” Aaahhh!”  Phew it was only a nightmare!


Why should we save the rainforest?

A shocking 2000 trees are being cut down every minute! Our rainforests are in serious danger and so is everything in it. Rainforest take up to 8 % of the worlds surface and we wouldn’t want that to change. As a result of deforestation Brazil has lost up to 90-95% of their rainforest. Just think in forty years time rainforests will be all gone and future generations will not be able to experience the great place known as the rainforest, because people were not thinking of them when they cut it down. Would you be happy if you were one of those kids who never understood the great wonders of the rainforest? There are many reasons why we should rescue the rainforest and here are some of them.

Cutting down trees is deadly deforestation which means many habitats of animals are being destroyed. There are 30 million species of plants and animals living in the remarkable  rainforest, of these 80% of gorillas are already extinct. Therefore, if deforestation continues to take animals homes, then many more animals may become extinct. Can we really let this happen?

By Mojoyin & Maryam

Max and Alfie Save the rainforrest.

Dear Sir,

The Rainforest of the world today span over 6% of the Earths land, however this figure is rapidly decreasing due to deforestation. Every second an entire football pitch of trees is cut down. This  amounts areas the size of new jersey is being cut down annually.

In my opinion if you do cut down the great Kapok tree, all the animals have a chance of death and we will lose nature.





Jake’s rainforest speech

Rainforests are being treated in an unacceptable way. There are people chopping down trees for wood and all the trees in every rainforest add up to make 20% of our oxygen we breath. If you are doing this then please stop now because I’m sure you don’t want your children and your grandchildren to live without rainforests.  You see snakes venom can make medicine and who knows one snake might one day might cure cancer. Also as you may know they live in trees so if you cut down them they will lose their habitat and they will probably die. There are many reasons why we shouldn’t cut down rainforests and here are some.

Unfortunately, every year an amount of rainforests are being cut down the size of New Jersey. People just want wood and lots of land which is very selfish. You see trees and plants hold the earth down so if they go the next time a storm comes the beauty the rainforest used to have will be gone and it will become a desert.



Why we should save the rainforest

Tropical rainforest around the world are being destroyed at an alarming rate. As a result, more than 1000 tribes have lost their precious homes. sadly, if this continues on, these poor tribes will have no shelter to go to. How can we stop this tragedy from escalating.

Firstly, thousands of animals are killed or captured and losing their homes because the rainforest are being destroyed and cut down. Amazing animals should not deserve to lose their homes and family. Soon many animals will be extinct before your children find out about them. Why must this happen to them?


By Millie and Olivia


In my opinion you will ruin  the animals  in there . also ruin the beauty  of the area . The animals  will have no were to live .Were will the animals live?

If you cut down the tree you will ruin the animals lifs and ruin there homes

Why should we save the rainforest?

Cutting down trees destroys habitat of animals like, The Spider Monkey and the Orang-utan.  over 30,000,000 species of animals live in the remarkable rainforest, but 12 of these species have devastatingly died out.  If deforestation advances until 2030, half of the worlds rainforest may become obliterated.  luckily if more people sign up to operations like WWF we might be able to stop the lethal loggers.

Not only animals are affected by the crime of deforestation but this act affects the tribes people of the rainforest.

How to safe the rainforest? by Alice

There are many species  who in danger in rainforest. 15,000 jaguars get killed every year however plants get killed as well such as 50% of plants are left. We also use things in every day life like lipstick, tooth pasted and shaving foam. Less and less animals and plants are left. This horrible humanity can`t live. As well as people who live in there.