Literacy Homework

Year 5 Book Week Homework - Due in: Tuesday 10th March 2015

Ready… Steady… Read!

This week was World Book Week! To celebrate this, your homework is to read a chapter of your favourite book and either:

  • Recreate it as a comic book strip or
  • Write a book review for it


If you chose to write a comic book strip, you can either use the template provided or draw your own one.

Success Criteria for a comic book strip

  • Clear, colourful pictures
  • A short one sentence caption for each box
  • Speech bubbles (if needed) for the characters
  • Correct sequence of events- as told in the book/chapter


If you would like to write a book review, this can be presented in your neatest handwriting in your homework book or typed up.

Success Criteria for a book review

  • Title of the book and Author of the book
  • Brief explanation about what happens in the book
  • What is your favourite character/part of the story? Why?
  • Would you recommend it to other people to read? Why?
  • Star Rating
  • Give lots of detail explaining your opinion and why (Use quotes from the book)



Next week we will be writing our own travel Brochure.  A good travel brochure must include a range of imperative verbs.

Follow the link below to try this weekend’s homework:

Bossy Verbs worksheet

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