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In Literacy we have been writing a film narrative based on ‘The Piano’.  We included fantastic emotive wow words, a range of sentence openers and varied complex sentences. Click on the below links to listen to our amazing writing.  Please also feel free to leave a comment about our work!

Alice, Alex, Natasha & Saaruyan

Ben, Lily, Natalia & Sorrell

Faye, Josh & Oliver

Aine, Jake & Olivia

Ellian, Iman & Luke

Bobby, Mojoyin & Zoey

Daniela, Megan & Thomas


In Literacy we have created pieces of writing persuading people to come to Brazil.  Click on the below link to hear Josh and Sorrell act out a scene in a travel agents.  Sorrell is the travel agent trying to persuade Josh the customer. http://listen to ‘Visit Brasil!’ on audioBoom



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