Solar Eclipse – Friday 20th March 2015

The largest Solar Eclipse in 15 years is set to darken our skies on the 20th March and we are getting ready to watch this rare solar event. The partial eclipse will last for two hours and cause a ‘morning twilight’ from 08.40am to 10.40am.

Check out more about how to observe a solar eclipse safely by following this link:

You can also find out exactly what a solar eclipse is by following this link:

What are your thoughts of the upcoming event?

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  1. Mojoyin

    In science we recently have been working on animal habitats. Today (11/03/15) we drew animal life cycles and watched videos of the life cycle of a mosquito, a honey bee and a grizzly bear (Brown bear). I drew the life cycle of a grizzly bear and a penguin.


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